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Product Features

Smart Devices Made Smarter

The Propel My Life application gathers data from your smart devices (wearables and other personal devices) and compares it to what’s unique about you – your set policies and tolerance ranges.  This makes the information useful and actionable.

​Propel My Life is all about YOU!  It allows you to set personalized tolerance ranges – what’s “normal”, “out-of-range” or “at-risk” for you.  These are your policies and tolerance levels that data from your smart devices is compared to.  They help you to achieve your wellness goals.
Connected Love & Support

The Propel Health Propel My Life application empowers you to keep your love and support team informed and engaged about your health.  You can include anyone in your notification list – children, spouse, partner, friends, professional caregivers and clinical care providers – who will receive text, e-mail and automated voice phone call notifications. 


The Propel Health Propel My Life application will notify your love and support team members when readings are outside of your tolerance levels.  Notifications include information about what’s happening so that if needed, action can be taken.


Our intuitive, color-coded dashboards make it easy to see when something needs attention.  All of your information is at your fingertips!

Automated Reporting

Summary reports with data elements included by date and trendlines can be viewed from within the Propel My Life application for each type of reading.  They can also be sent by weekly summary to any member of your support team that you desire.