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Personal Health & Wellness

Wearable and Smart Home Technology helps keep you well and experiencing the things you love in life by allowing you to set reminders for medications, hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and more and by monitoring determined conditions within the home .

Our solution sends alerts notifying you when anything happens outside of threshold parameters that you set. Alerts can be delivered via SMS text or email and provide you real time information about what’s happening with your loved one, as its happening.  If your loved one deviates from set ADL parameters,  receive immediate notification so that you can communicate with them and make necessary changes.

Product Features

Propel Health offers a variety of features to benefit individuals, family members, caregivers, hospitals and other providers. See how we can help you!

Key Deliverables



Sensors detect changes in parameters and send alerts in real time


Empowered Wellness

Independence with ADL reminders for nutrition, medication, activity, hygiene and more



Online and text alerts to caregivers and loved ones regarding variances in routine, distress incidents, wellness indicators



Inexpensive devices, easy installation & user-friendly applications