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Introducing Propel My LifeTM

Help Them Not Only Live,  But Thrive

In the past, you didn’t have a way to help your loved one manage health proactively

Never knowing when a health issue might suddenly show up and you find your loved one in the hospital, causing worry about the financial burdens as well as the emotional stress on them along with you and your family.

Until Now

Propel My LifeTM works with today’s Smart Devices and Wearables and makes them Smarter by taking the information and personalizing it for your loved one!

Their unique goals and health concerns — so that together you have information to make proactive health decisions, interact with each other and a care provider in an empowered way and issue notifications to those who want to show love and care for the individual when it is needed most.

Propel My LifeTM gives them control of their health and wellness on their terms!

Help them experience the freedom and confidence to live the life they deserve, in their home while gaining peace of mind for yourself and the rest of their love and support team.

Thrive with Propel My LifeTM

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How It Works:
Meet Propel Health’s Propel My LifeTM

What if we could help you create an environment that keeps your loved one well and engaged with you and other members of their love and support team to help when things move out of their defined thresholds?

Propel My Life Application Screen

The Propel My Life Application is a Proactive Wellness Notification System for those managing a chronic illness, recovering from a major health event and anyone, at any age who desires love and support to stay well. Determine who sees data, what data they see and when they receive notifications.

Propel My Life Application Screen

The Propel My Life Application empowers individuals to: 1) Create a Personal Connected Love & Support Team for a loved one, 2) Set up Unique Tolerance Levels & Goals, 3) Aggregate Data from Many Smart Devices, 4) Establish Secure Policy-Driven Notifications for Proactive Action by Care-giving Loved Ones.

Propel My Life Application Screen

Health information is evaluated against personal tolerance ranges set up for normal, at-risk and out-of-range. Data readings are color coded according to those tolerance ranges. Notifications are sent to defined individuals when readings are in the ranges that those individuals need to know about.

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Your Propel My LifeTM Wellness Kit includes:

  • A One-Year Subscription to the Propel My LifeTM Connected, Empowered, Health Communications Platform App and Easy-to-use Dashboard
  • Two Ivy Health Smart IoT Devices:
    1. Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor
    2. Body Analysis Scale (collects Weight, BMI, Muscle Weight, Bone Weight, Water %, Visceral Fat % and Basal Calories)
  • A Fully Configured Single-purpose Tablet
Your Propel My Life Wellness Kit Includes

Pre-Order your Propel My LifeTM Wellness Kit Today!

Give the gift your loved one will treasure – the gift of Health!

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