Chronic Illness Management

Individuals with chronic illnesses (representing the largest expense in the healthcare system) rely heavily on their loved ones and caregivers to be their support team and keep them out of the hospital.  Technology can provide insights about health and wellness allowing these individuals to move towards being proactive in managing the major health concerns and chronic conditions that often occur as we age.  With the use of smart technology sensors, Propel Health allows the monitoring of those conditions through our Propel My Life platform.   The individual (with input from their provider) defines what are “normal,” “out-of-range” and “at-risk” tolerance levels. When those levels move outside of normal, the people that the individual identifies will receive notifications by text, email and automated voice call. These solutions proactively interact with the individual and their loved ones and caregivers so they can live an independent life while allowing loved ones and caregivers to have peace of mind about their safety and well-being.