Product Manager

As a member of the Propel Health team, you will be responsible for developing and launching new health and wellness applications with moderate to high complexity.   You will lead and be accountable for the planning and execution of the overall product lifecycle and serve as both a business and technical product expert. Under your leadership, you will drive results by leading cross-functional teams with sales and support teams.

Knowledge, Skills or Abilities

  • Prior product management experience in a consumer health or healthcare related company.
  • Knowledge of healthcare technology and marketplace.
  • Ability to drive results both individually and in a matrixed environment.
  • Ability to distill broad concepts and business strategies into structured product management/marketing plans.
  • Technical aptitude to understand product dynamics and recommend product enhancements.
  • Effective communication skills and ability to produce executive level reports.
  • Strong financial skills and analytic competence.
  • Experience with working with large cross-functional development teams.
  • Prior experience serving as the “Product Owner” for Agile Development teams and writing user stories, conditions of acceptance, and acceptance tests.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required

Essential Duties

  • Manage specific customer opportunities as they relate directly to driving revenue for the product.
  • Gather and prioritizes customer requirements.
  • Benchmark company products to competitor products.
  • Subject matter expert for product including competition, market dynamics, points of differentiation, and value proposition.
  • Work with Senior Leadership to ensure our solution portfolio align with our vision and market strategy.
  • Identify market direction, what’s important to customers, where technology and features are evolving and where the company can effectively compete.
  • Manage product profit and loss.
  • Support implementation of all aspects of the product marketing plan, including pricing, customer targeting, product positioning with key stakeholders and leadership within Propel Health.
  • Coordinate development, operational and process requirements for product.
  • Ensure supporting processes and systems associated with the product are current and optimized to reduce product cost basis.
  • Handle internal requests for product training.
  • Lead product development efforts.
  • Contribute ideas and recommendations toward product, process and system improvements.
  • Support product team with business case development and projects as needed.

As Product Manager, you will also play a key role in Product Development serving as the Product Owner with the Agile development teams.  As the Product Owner, you will:

  • Serves as the customer proxy and is responsible for working with other business stakeholders to define and prioritize stories in the team backlog so that the solution effectively addresses program priorities (features/enablers) while maintaining technical integrity.
  • Preparation and participation in release planning as a member of the extended product management team, the product owner is heavily involved in program backlog refinement and preparation for release and iteration planning
  • Updates the team backlog and typically participates in reviewing and contributing to the vision, roadmap, and content presentations.
  • Involved with story definition, providing clarifications necessary to assist the team with their story estimates and story sequencing, and drafting the team’s specific objectives for the upcoming release or iteration.
  • With input from system architect and other stakeholders, the product owner has the primary responsibility for building, pruning, and maintaining the team backlog. The backlog consists mostly of user stories but also includes defects and enablers. Backlog items are prioritized based on user value, time, and other team dependencies that are determined in the release planning meeting and refined during the release.

Iteration Planning

  • Reviews and reprioritizes the backlog as part of the preparatory work for Iteration Planning
  • During the iteration planning meeting, the product owner is the main source for story detail and priorities and has the responsibility of accepting the final iteration plan.
  • Primary responsibility for keeping the process flowing.
  • Responsible for having two iterations’ worth of ready stories in the team backlog always.
  • Participate in development of story acceptance criteria, draft them when feasible, and provide examples in support of acceptance test-driven development.
  • Accepts stories as done. This includes validation that the story meets acceptance criteria and has the appropriate, persistent acceptance tests, and that it otherwise meets its definition of done.