If I only Knew….

If I only knew….

How many times have you thought that when it comes to someone you love?  An aging parent?  A child, family member, friend or veteran who experienced a health event that might have been avoided, “if you only knew.”  If only you could have been notified, maybe you could have done something… anything.

While nothing is certain in life and we can’t prevent the inevitable from happening, wouldn’t we all feel better if we knew – If we could do everything possible – call, show up, rally troops or engage with a care provider?

Today, so much focus is on the healthcare system… A reactive experience often finding someone we love in an ambulance, emergency room or as an inpatient.  We spend almost 100% of our time outside of the healthcare system with those who love us, so why isn’t there more focus on empowering us so we know and we can do something proactively?

What if…

  • information about us or a loved one (which is currently trapped within the body or inside your medical records) could be captured for us to see?
  • we could use that data and build a personal policy unique to us?
  • we knew on a daily basis when our health was normal, moving out-of-range or more serious putting us at-risk — based on our unique health parameters
  • someone could be notified and take action when help is needed as proactively as possible? The people who love us most, know us best and care about us – spouse, children, church member, neighbor, extended family or another veteran.

While our care providers are exceptional, everyone would agree, the less time we spend with our primary care doctors, specialist and hospitalists the better – especially when we have information and a “home team” supporting us to achieve our health goals.

With the advent of the consumerization of health, we could then show up at our next visit with all the “in-between visit data,” to show our progress and have empowered conversations to adjust medications and refine our care plan!

This is the independence and peace of mind we all deserve, because we know.