Aging in Place… Louisville

Louisville has been in the news many times over the years, as the origin of the Louisville slugger, well known bourbon, and the Kentucky Derby. However, it was most recently brought up again in an article by Forbes in regards to the growth of it’s aging population, and the symbiotic growth of the healthcare industry to compensate.

In fact, according to numerous sources, Louisville is now the city with the largest cluster of healthcare companies, from hospitals to nursing homes, focused on the aging population as a prerogative. They have designed an innovative plan where the driving force will be care employed outside of doctor offices and nursing homes… A place that Propel Health coincidentally seeks to fill a niche within as well. This is no surprise considering the statement made by the city’s mayor in 2012.

“Every city has unique strengths, and Louisville is a leader in developing targeted economic development strategies around our strengths. Aging care and lifelong wellness is an industry poised for exceptional growth, and Louisville, and its workforce, stands to benefit.”

  • Mayor Fischer

Thus, when considering this change that Louisville has sought over the last few years, will other cities seek to embrace a similar endeavor to create a long-term plan with the goal of providing healthcare and wellness to aging individuals in their cities, and potentially the country, and how will they accomplish it?


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