GPS for the Body? Yes, It’s Here!

The term telemetry describes automated communications, like those pinging between your phone’s GPS and a satellite millions of time a second. Every micro movement you make is reported, as the GPS recalibrates, indicating your exact position, and where you are relative to where you just were.

Why don’t we have “GPS for the body,” with anatomical reports pinging a smart server, automatically reporting dozens of health metrics, as well as how they are trending, and where they stand in relation to the last reports.

We can do it for cars with our smart phones… So why can’t we put telemetry in place for the body’s critical systems.

Fact is, we can.

Health metric telemetry, powered by phone apps, have turned your smartphone into one of the most-sophisticated health monitoring and reporting tools the world has ever known. Critical body functions can be easily monitored with low-cost sensors, and – with action thresholds established on a personal basis – alerts can be activated automatically, and sent to… well, anyone you choose: doctors, family, even first responders.

Propel Health Exhibits at Connected Health Conference 2017

Propel Health had its “coming out” October 24 – 27 at the Connected Health Conference in Boston, MA.  PCHAlliance and Partners Connected Health Symposium partnered to form this healthtech event, now in year nine.  A highly anticipated event in connected health, the conference brought together the industry’s two leading events and top thought leaders for three days of inspirational, provocative and forward-thinking discussions.  President Diane Cashin said, “The conference offered a multitude of opportunities for information sharing, partnership exploration and consultative conversations!  It was amazing!”.  Pictured above is Diane with leaders of the Personal Connected Health Alliance in the Propel Health booth.

Propel Health Takes Part in RIoT Demo Night at Raleigh Convention Center

Propel Health took part as an exhibitor in the Raleigh IoT Demo Night at All Things Open held at the Raleigh Convention Center on October 23.  The event was the third of its kind and showcased  more than 100 IoT demos from over 60 international companies, startups and entrepreneurs.  At the opening, speakers addressed how IoT is transforming how we live, work and play.  Above, Director of Client Experiences talks with an interested conference participant.