About Us

Propel Health is a fast-moving startup founded in December of 2016 —  but we aren’t new to technology, startups or health and wellness!  Our leaders have decades of experience and know what it takes to create technology disruption and transformation, with a proven track record of growth.

Propel Health’s “Propel My Life” is a software platform focused on leveraging the innovation within the IoT smart consumer medical device space to move health forward!  We are passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals by creating solutions that drive consumer wellness, healthy longevity, chronic illness management and provide the support needed to recover from an acute event.  We are determined to create a shift from “reactive healthcare to proactive wellness!”

Propel Health is in the “Personal Connected Health and Wellness Business” and there has never been a better time to lead the transformation to create empowered health and wellness for individuals.  While most of the “healthcare” industry focuses their investment and innovation for when an individual “is in the healthcare system,” very few are focused on creating an empowered, proactive, connected experience when an individual does not want to be in the system – when they are striving to be healthy, successfully manage a chronic illness, recover from an in-patient procedure or when they are between doctor or hospital visits.

Propel Health is creating the Connected Family, Loved Ones and Caregivers network for proactive engagement to keep us well.

Chairman – Rick Burtner

Going Out with My Boots On – Not in a Nursing Home

Propel Health, LLC was formed as the 2nd Propel operating company in the Burtner Group, LLC’s 15 year future vision to spawn and support numerous operating entrepreneurial companies that leverage the wireless IoT cloud based platform / business partnerships that have been built as part of its “sister company”, Propel GPS, LLC.

The model and vision has been to start exciting fast growth operating companies in new burgeoning markets; leverage the group’s know-how, experience and contacts and also hire domain expertise at the Presidential level.  Propel Health has been established in this manner.

Rick has 37 years of broad and diverse industry experience as an Executive, leader and as a Board or Advisory Board member assisting companies to achieve profitable exponential growth.  Read More…

Propel Health is a part of my vision to spawn companies that leverage IoT technology.  In health, it empowers everyone to live longer, independent lives by having the data to stay well!

President – Diane Cashin

Health Touches Every Human Being

My life’s purpose is to empower all humanity to live an extraordinary life filled with peace, love and happiness.

We all deserve to have clear and understandable insights into our health to make informed decisions,
adjust our behaviors and achieve our health goals.

And when someone we love has a chronic illness or is recovering from a health event, as their caregiver, we need to be notified
proactively to provide them with love and support — preserving their independence and dignity while providing us with peace of mind.

Propel My LifeTM and Propel Their LifeTM  were created as a part of my life’s mission – keeping the individual, family members and home caregivers connected so everyone can live an extraordinary life.

It’s about People.  Not Technology.


 Advisory Board

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