The Propel Health Approach

Propel Health provides Proactive, Connected and Secure Communication Solutions for individuals who desire freedom, independence and dignity as they age, manage a chronic illness or recover from an acute event while also providing peace of mind to their loved ones and caregivers.  We use Smart Wearables & Home Technology focused on wellness to improve your quality of life and integrate IoT and Cloud-Based Technology to transform from reactive health care to Empowered Wellness.  Our Propel My Life platform aggregates all your personal device information into your personalized wellness dashboard where you have control and establish your goals, tolerance ranges and love and support team.


“I have been using the Propel My Life platform for a few months now for my personal wellness and as a caregiver for my husband.  The platform has provided insights into critical medical data necessary to make adjustments to our daily routines, medication management and nutritional characteristics needed to disrupt negative trends and take proactive action to avoid serious medical complications for both myself and my husband!”

KJF – Individual User & Caregiver to her Service-Disabled-Veteran Husband

Solution Benefits
Personal Health & Wellness and Active Aging At Home

Aging individuals desire to age at home while maintaining independence and quality of life and their loved ones often find themselves caring for their parents and their own children while trying to hold down demanding jobs.  They need a solution that provides them with information to make informed decisions about their health in a proactive manner and notifies their families so that action can be taken before a major health incident occurs.  Propel Health partners with innovative (IoT) smart technology sensor manufacturers to create the Propel My Life platform.   By aggregating the data from smart sensor devices, the information is queried against your set thresholds so that if anything outside of normal ranges occurs, you are notified along with the people you identify as your love and support team.   They will receive a text, email, and/or automated voice call notification.

Post-Discharge Wellness

With the growth of the aging population, Healthcare systems often struggle to provide enough available patient beds, and this problem is amplified by the fact that “among Medicare patients, almost 20 percent who are discharged from a hospital are readmitted within 30 days”.  The cost of unplanned readmissions is 15 to 20 billion dollars annually.  A solution that can help in preventing avoidable readmissions has the potential to profoundly improve both the quality of life for patients and the financial well-being of healthcare systems.  When risk factors have been identified, our technology can empower patients by monitoring health within the home offering a fast, easy, and effective way to notify family members as well as caregivers to the need for intervention and possible follow-up care. Our platform allows for proactive discovery and handling of conditions that put individual patients at risk and enhances their quality of life while offering family and caregivers peace of mind.


Chronic Illness Management

Individuals with chronic illnesses (representing the largest expense in the healthcare system) rely heavily on their loved ones and caregivers to be their support team and keep them out of the hospital.  Technology can provide insights about health and wellness allowing these individuals to move towards being proactive in managing the major health concerns and chronic conditions that often occur as we age.  With the use of smart technology sensors, Propel Health allows the monitoring of those conditions through our Propel My Life platform.   The individual (with input from their provider) defines what are “normal,” “out-of-range” and “at-risk” tolerance levels. When those levels move outside of normal, the people that the individual identifies will receive notifications by text, email and automated voice call. These solutions proactively interact with the individual and their loved ones and caregivers so they can live an independent life while allowing loved ones and caregivers to have peace of mind about their safety and well-being.

Product Features

Propel Health offers a variety of features to benefit individuals, family members, caregivers, and other providers.
See how we can help you achieve empowered connected health & wellness!

Key Deliverables


Unique differentiators through our exclusive distribution partnership with a smart consumer medical device manufacturer and Propel My Life data aggregation application

Empowered Wellness

Independence with data aggregation, self-defined tolerance ranges and identified support team


Text, e-mail and automated voice call alerts to caregivers and loved ones when out-of-range and at-risk tolerance levels occur


Inexpensive IoT solutions & user-friendly dashboards
Our Vision

“Propel Health was founded to transform personal health and wellness by creating innovative and disruptive IoT solutions
driving the industry from reactive care to proactive empowered connected health and wellness”,
Diane Cashin, President

Propel Health’s Propel My Life application and platform has unique differentiators:
  • Aggregation of data from smart sensor devices
  • Empowerment of aging individuals to define their personal goals, thresholds and love and support team
  • Engagement of the support team through email, text and automated voice call notifications
  • Customizeable dashboards for Transitional Care and Home Care providers.
  • Expandability allowing for the addition of other smart specialty devices based on individual needs
  • Future connectivity with smart home sensor-to-sensor devices taking proactive action to create an ideal living environment based on existing health conditions.